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Share Code: Right to Work

A share code is an online nine-digit alpha-numerical code provided by the UK government. It is used by non-UK nationals to verify their right to work. Each code is unique and can be shown to employers to demonstrate an individual’s immigration status and employment details.

Get Right to work in UK by share code

Get Right to Work” in the UK refers to the process by which individuals, including both UK citizens and foreign nationals, demonstrate their eligibility to legally work in the country. This typically involves providing specific documents, such as a passport or biometric residence permit, to prove one’s identity and immigration status. Employers in the UK are required to verify these documents for all new employees as part of their legal obligation to ensure a compliant workforce.

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Share Code: Frequently Asked Questions

An online alphanumeric code consisting of nine digits, referred to as a “share code,” is issued by the UK government. Non-UK nationals utilize this code to substantiate their authorization to work within the country. Distinct in nature, each code can be presented to employers as evidence of an individual’s immigration standing and employment specifics.

Empowering Employers with Share Code Access: Essential Steps When your employer seeks a Share Code for your application, certain pivotal details must be communicated to ensure seamless access to the required information. To initiate, share your date of birth with your employer.

This foundational detail ensures accurate data entry and proper viewing of your right to work documents. Central to this process is providing your employer with the unique 9-character alpha-numeric share code. As mentioned earlier, this code is exclusive to you. Keep in mind, these codes typically remain valid for 30 days. Should you or your employer require access beyond this timeframe, a new code application becomes necessary.

When furnished with a Share Code, employers gain a window into your eligibility for work and personal rights. Delving deeper, here are the aspects they can verify:

  • Authorized job categories for the candidate.
  • Legal duration of work in the UK.
  • Access to public services, including the National Health Service (NHS).
  • Rights and entitlements for living and working in the UK, along with eligible benefits.
  • Legitimate ability to open a bank account or apply for credit during UK residency.

Using the Share Code: Your Rights in the UK For migrant workers, the share code acts like a guide to understand what you’re allowed to do in the UK. It helps you see if you can work, rent a place, or get benefits. Landlords and bosses use it too, to make sure you’re allowed to stay where you are.

Confused about needing a ‘Share Code’ for your application? If you have the necessary documents mentioned earlier, it’s wise to apply for one. If you lack these documents, find more about Right to Work documentation here. Still grappling with accessing your share code? We can assist for £24. Reach us at 01372 886 920, with your mobile phone, email, and right to work documents ready. No share code secured? No charge.
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