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Understanding Share Codes for Employment:

Whether you’re an employer hiring from abroad or a newcomer seeking work in the UK, grasp the essentials. This includes providing a ‘Share Code‘ for a Right to Work check, alongside other checks like criminal records. It’s crucial to identify whether or not you need a share code to complete the employment application and how to apply for one. The information below will outline the meaning of a ‘Share Code’ and the requirements for applying for and sharing one.

What is a Share Codes?

A ‘Share Code’ is an exclusive 9-character alphanumeric code generated after completing an application. It was introduced by the government to facilitate online data entry by potential employees. This enables employers to verify an individual’s ‘right to work’ status on the government’s website. The unique code serves as evidence for migrant workers to demonstrate their eligibility for employment in the UK.

If you require assistance obtaining your share code, we can do this for you at a fee of £24. Call us at 01372 886 920, and have your mobile phone, email, and right to work documents handy. If we’re unable to retrieve your share code, there won’t be a charge. For detailed instructions on accessing your share code on the Home Office website, continue reading this article.

How to Generate a ‘Share Code’

Crafting a ‘Share Code’ requires a Biometric Residence Permit (BRP), Biometric Residence Card (BRC), Passport, or National Identity Card. The pathways to generate a ‘Share Code’ include:

UKVI Account

With a 10-year perspective, let’s delve into the UK Visas and Immigration account – your gateway to effortlessly managing and updating your immigration status online. It’s your personalized digital ally for modern immigration navigation.

EU Settlement Scheme (EUSS)

If you have status under EU Settlement Scheme (EUSS), proving you have settled for 12 months or more, you can apply for a Share Code through this.

Biometric Residence Permit (BRP)

In the realm of identity validation, education rights, and access to public services, the Biometric Residence Permit stands as a cornerstone. A pathway to a Share Code, yet a distinction must be drawn: it’s vital to recognize that the Biometric Residence Permit cannot serve as evidence for your right to work.

How to Obtain Your Share Code

Step 1: Navigate to the HMRC website

Follow this link:

Step 2: Click the Start Now Button

share codes

Step 3: Select the ID Document Used in Your EU Settlement Scheme Application

STEP 2 1 1

Step 4: Type in Your ID Number and Press Continue

STEP 3 1

Step 5: Enter Your Date of Birth and Press Continue

STEP 4 1

Step 6: Chose the Verification Option Desired and Press Continue

STEP 5 1

Step 7: Add the Security Code Received via Email or Phone and Press Continue

STEP 6 1

Step 8: Click “Get a share code”

STEP 7 1

Step 9: Click “Get share code”

STEP 8 1

Step 10: Choose “To Prove My Right to Work” and Then Click Continue

STEP 9 1

Step 11: This Page Will Show Your Right to Work Details. Click Continue to Obtain the Code

STEP 10 1

Step 12: Share This Code With Your Employer

Employee share code

How Can Employers View Right to Work Details Using ‘Share Code’?

Empowering Employers with Share Code Access: Essential Steps When your employer seeks a Share Code for your application, certain pivotal details must be communicated to ensure seamless access to the required information. To initiate, share your date of birth with your employer.

This foundational detail ensures accurate data entry and proper viewing of your right to work documents. Central to this process is providing your employer with the unique 9-character alpha-numeric share code. As mentioned earlier, this code is exclusive to you. Keep in mind, these codes typically remain valid for 30 days. Should you or your employer require access beyond this timeframe, a new code application becomes necessary.

Revealing Insights Through the ‘Share Code’: Employer’s Perspective

When furnished with a Share Code, employers gain a window into your eligibility for work and personal rights. Delving deeper, here are the aspects they can verify:

  • Authorized job categories for the candidate.
  • Legal duration of work in the UK.
  • Access to public services, including the National Health Service (NHS).
  • Rights and entitlements for living and working in the UK, along with eligible benefits.
  • Legitimate ability to open a bank account or apply for credit during UK residency.

Who Can Use ‘Share Code’ to Prove Their Right to Work?

Using the Share Code: Your Rights in the UK For migrant workers, the share code acts like a guide to understanding what you’re allowed to do in the UK. It helps you see if you can work, rent a place, or get benefits. Landlords and bosses use it too, to make sure you’re allowed to stay where you are.

Simplified ‘Share Code’ Assistance by Eurocom CI

Confused about needing a ‘Share Code’ for your application? If you have the necessary documents mentioned earlier, it’s wise to apply for one. If you lack these documents, find more about Right to Work documentation here. Still grappling with accessing your share code? We can assist for £24. Reach us at 01372 886 920, with your mobile phone, email, and right to work documents ready. No share code secured? No charge.
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